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Soil Amendment Management
Here at Rocky Mountain Merchandising & Feed Technology we are very excited to announce that we are now offering new products that will enrich your ground soil, optimize production and maximize water use!  We have farmers that have been applying UNLOK to their ground for the past two years and have been astonished by their results.  These farmers on average are seeing a 15-20% yield increase in the grain over the past two years!  UNLOK is a special blend of nitrates combined with surfactant that is used to stimulate the existing bacteria that is already present in your soil.  By supplying nitrates (oxygen) beneficial bacteria will begin to grow exponentially that allows the natural digestion process to accelerate.  This allows the soil to receive maximum water penetration.
Examples of UNLOK usage:


  • 2 gallons of UNLOK per acre on the first irrigation after planting wheat, barley, beans or corn.
  • 3 gallons of UNLOK per acre on potatoes & sugar beets.
  • 2 gallons of UNLOK per acre on alfalfa after first cutting.
  • 5 gallons of UNLOK per acres on lawns, vineyards or turf industry.
 One tote of UNLOK will cover up to 135 acres.